1. The programme operator is the Institute of Lithuanian Literature and Folklore (hereinafter referred to as ILLF).

No. of staff positions for the execution of the programme – 6.5.

2. The aim of the programme is to conduct fundamental research on the early Lithuanian literature, disseminate its results, prepare and publish sources; actualise the written and, in many cases, unpublished cultural heritage of early Lithuania and make it available to the contemporary Lithuanian society.

3. Objectives:

3.1. Completing a significant stage of research and publication of sources of Prussian Lithuania, whose main part is scholarly research and preparation for publishing of the oeuvre by Kristijonas Donelaitis, according to the contemporary requirements of textual studies. Further research will include the analysis of the sources of Donelaitis’ work as a whole, its descriptions, preparation of documentary transcripts and critical texts, and writing of commentaries. The new edition of Writings by Donelaitis would be aimed for the development of literary research, cultural promotion and general use for educational purposes. Further publication of the academic writings by Liudvikas Rėza, opening to the academia and general public the so far hardly accessible part of Rėza’s written heritage; scholarly editing of other significant sources of Prussian Lithuanian writings.

3.2. Conducting research on poetry, poetics and rhetoric of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania in various languages:


actualization of the poetic work of authors of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania referring to the selected sources, exploring its place in the region and tradition that laid the groundwork for the processes of culture and literature of the modern Lithuanian nation in the 19th century and onwards.

3.3. Conduct research on the national, political and historical self-perception of the period of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and its literary expression, focusing on the literary, historical, journalistic etc. texts describing the trajectories of  national and political consciousness of early Lithuania significant to contemporary historical self-perception and cultural memory, and research of the form, contents, style and influences of the works from the viewpoint of literary studies.

Research on fiction, civic, historical, religious and other kinds of early texts is necessary for the purpose of reviving the longstanding tradition of public life for the modern Lithuanian nation and enriching national identity with historical knowledge of early culture, literature and ideas.

4. Estimated results:

As a result of the long-term academic programme, thefollowing publications will be edited:

Kristijonas Donelaitis, Writings, vol. 2: Poetic texts: excerpts of The Seasons, Pričkus’s tale about a Lithuanian wedding, fables, poems, other verses: documentary and critical edition (ca. 10 quires);
Kristijonas Donelaitis, Writings, vol. 3: Ego-documentary texts: letters, autobiographical information (ca. 10 quires);
Kristijonas Donelaitis, Writings, vol. 4: Documentary texts (ca. 20 quires);
Liudvikas Rėza, Writings, vol. 6: Lithuanian Bible. New Testament (ca. 30 quires);
Liudvikas Rėza, Writings, vol. 7: Lithuanian Bible. Old Testament (preparation of a part of the volume, ca. 20 quires);
monograph Features of the Poetics of The History of Lithuania by Albertas Vijūkas-Kojalavičius (ca. 10 quires);

monograph on the poetry by Motiejus Kazimieras Sarbievijus (ca. 10 quires);
monograph on the theme of Lithuanian Chronicles (ca. 10 quires);
publication of sources Distribution of Genres in the Printed Works on Poetics and Rhetoric of the 16th–18th Century (ca. 4,5 quires);
series of four articles “Poetics and Rhetoric of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania: Personalities, Works, Ideas” (ca. 6 quires);
series of three articles “The Fate of the Narrative of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania in the Nineteenth-Century Culture” (ca. 4 quires);
collection of articles in English on the themes of early Lithuanian literature (size of articles by the participants of the programme – ca. 12 quires);
other articles in Lithuanian and international peer-reviewed scholarly journals, sources and research (not less than 10 articles, ca. 1 quire).

In total, ca. 95 quires of publications of sources and ca. 62 quires of research are planned.

Not less than five annual conferences from the series Readings of Jurgis Lebedys will be held.

5. Dissemination of results:

Scholarly works edited for publication during this long-term programme will be submitted for calls for funding to raise funds for their publication. In view of their fundamental significance and research in the framework of the long-term programme, it can be expected that the funding will be assigned, thus the majority of the conducted research and prepared sources will be published in separate books.

Collection of articles in English presenting recent research in the field for the international academic audience will beoffered to an international publisher.

Book presentations will be held for society at large, announcements and, in some cases, reviews will be prepared in the printed and online media.

These means are planned for each published book – it can be expected that approximately five publications will be published during the duration of the programme, and other publications will appear after the programme expires.

A new critical edition of Writings by Donelaitis and other publications of texts of sources are meant for literary researchers and general cultural and educational use, as well as various kinds of dissemination (including electronic). The most significant results will be presented in popular radio programmes and public lectures – in particular when it coincides with significant cultural dates or commemorations. Not less than ten of such presentations are planned.

Presentation of research in international and national conferences: five scholarly conferences continuing the tradition of Readings of Jurgis Lebedys, partially funded from the programme’s budget.

Articles and publications of intermediary results of research will be published in the research journal Senoji Lietuvos literatūra partially funded from the programme’s budget. This journal is fully accessible on the internet, and its articles are published in various languages relevant for the researchers of this region with English abstracts and comply with the requirements of international academic publication. Articles presenting research results will also be published in scholarly periodicals.

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