Infrastructure of the premises:


The Institute is situated in two buildings that both have the status of the highest significance state heritage. The buildings feature offices, special vaults for books and archival documents featuring new technologies, strong infrastructure for publishing scientific and applied publications and a renewed audio-visual laboratory.


 Research library and archival resources:


Research library is a special collection of Lithuanian studies documents that makes information sources available (on 1 January, 2017, there were 360 100 physical units of various documents – books, periodicals, manuscripts, photodocuments, small prints, cartographic publications, audio-visual documents, etc. in the library’s collection).


Folklore archive is the largest repository of Lithuanian folklore in Lithuania and in the world (it holds around 1.9 million pieces – song lyrics and melodies, tales, legend and other stories, proverbs, riddles, charms, creeds, ethnographic descriptions, etc.)


The Institute’s databases act as collections of literary and folklore data intended for internal usage for the researchers, as well as for public access.


E. versions of 3 different scientific journals are available online.


Subscriptions in international databases (EBSCO Publishing, Taylor & Francis Online, JSTOR, Refworks, Emerald) and open-access databases (C.E.E.O.L., Lituanistika, etc.)


Infrastructure of information technologies:


IT networks (internet connection, servers for maintaining the internet connection and storing scientific resource materials).


Work devices and instruments: personal computers and hardware; equipment for processing, storing and showing audio and visual material and data.


Infrastructure of publishing:


The Publishing Centre prepares science publications for press. The Centre publish 25-35 different books per year, their overall copies amount to around 30 000.

In 2009–2013 period, 136 publications published, In 2013–2017 period, 140 publications published.


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