The Institute‘s mission: implementing the state priority for Lithuanian studies, carrying out long-term fundamental research into Lithuanian literature, folklore, Old Lithuanian literary heritage, gathering, organizing, preserving, promoting the immaterial and the documental heritage of literature and folklore, ensuring the development of Lithuanian studies in the European, as well as the global, scientific scene and the spreading of its findings within the Lithuanian community, using research results to enhance the cultural identity of the Lithuanian society and republic.


The Institute’s objectives:


1. carrying out long-term fundamental research, social and cultural development of Old Lithuanian literature, modern Lithuanian literature, contemporary Lithuanian literary processes, Lithuanian folklore heritage, mythology and contemporary processes of Lithuanian folklore and in doing so, contributing to the continuity and the development of Lithuanian national culture and society;

2. gathering, organizing, preserving, processing scientifically and publishing, researching and promoting the immaterial and the documental heritage of Lithuanian literature and folklore, being the centre of textual competence, digitalising resources that come to the Institute’s possession, creating and maintaining databases of those resources;

3. developing and creating methodology and theory for research into contemporary literature and folklore, as well as interdisciplinary research, carrying out long-term comparative research into literature, folklore and mythology, pursuing integration into the European scene of humanities;

4. cooperating with scientific and educational institutions in Lithuania and abroad, as well as with representatives from business, government and society, carrying out commissioned works of research into Lithuanian studies, social and cultural development, providing methodological, methodical, etc. aid.


The Institute’s research policy:


1. research into literary history of Lithuania and the Lithuanians;

2. research into Lithuanian folklore and mythology;

3. research into the contemporary process of Lithuanian literature and folklore;

4. theoretical, comparative and interdisciplinary research into Lithuanian literature and folklore.


Antakalnio g. 6, LT-10308 Vilnius, Lietuva tel.: 2621943,