Conference &quotHuman Relationships in and through Songs&quo



The 49th International Ballad Conference of the Kommission für Volksdichtung "Human Relationships in and through Songs: Meanings and Contexts" will take place at the Institute of Lithuanian Literature and Folklore, 20-24 May, 2019. Almost 50 participants from 20 countries are going to present their papers during 11 sessions.

The focus of the conference is one of the dominant interests in folklore studies, namely, human relationships. Two main lines of discussion are suggested: to examine relationships as they are revealed in songs and to consider inter-human communication that develops through singing. The paradigm of human relationships in folk songs and ballads includes various communication patterns shaped by tradition. These patterns can be interpreted taking into account family affiliation or situational, contextual belonging to the groups distinguished by origin, social status, gender, age, etc. Belonging to a particular group determines customary and ritual nature of the relationship. Singing itself is to be perceived as a distinct activity in which the relation of a community or an individual to the tradition reveals. What kind of relation has it been earlier and still is today? Obviously, traditional songs are still being sung in many countries. The song itself is still perceived as a phenomenon bridging peoples and generations. As the folklore tradition undergoes change, new ways of songcreating and singing are being formed and a new relation to the old singing culture is emerging. Singing brings the community together and shapes mutual relations between people – both in the past and in the present.
Conference topics:
•    aspects    of    human    relationships    (ritual,    social,    ethical)    in    songs;
•    family,    gender,    cross-generational    relationships; •    emotional    diversity    of    relationships; 
•    relationships    between    different    ethnic    groups    in    songs; 
•    relations    to    Other    in    songs;
•    the    significance    of    relationship    generating    social    medium; 
•    the    ways    of    establishing    and    maintaining    relationships    (gift    giving,    etc.);
•    the    socializing    role    of    singing; 
•    the    song    and    singing    as    a    way    of    initiation    of    mutual    relationship    and    maintaining    solidarity; 
•    the    relation    of    singing    individual    /    community    to    the    tradition;
•    the    role    of    song    and    singing    in    communal    interactions; 
•    traditional    singing    maintaining    and    practicing    community    and    its    socio-cultural environment.
The programme of the conference can be downloaded here. Abstracts can be found here
This event is organized by the Institute of Lithuanian Literature and Folklore, in partnership with the Institute of Lithuanian Language, sponsored by the Research Council of Lithuania.
Antakalnio g. 6, LT-10308 Vilnius, Lietuva tel.: 2621943,