About the journal

Senoji Lietuvos literatūra (Early Lithuanian Literature) is a biannual peer-reviewed scholarly journal presenting research on early literature and writing of Lithuania and Prussia. This academic periodical has been published by the Department of Early Literature of the Institute of Lithuanian Literature and Folklore since 1992.


Dr Sigitas Narbutas has been in charge of the periodical from the beginning to 2010, and starting with issue 30, the journal’s editor-in-chief is Dr Mintautas Čiurinskas.


The general publishing strategy, a proper peer-review process, selection and preparation of the articles and other texts for publication are shaped by the Editorial Board consisting of 21 members, eleven of them from abroad and ten from the scholarly institutions of Lithuania. Selection and editing of articles for each issue is managed by its special editor(s).


In 2013 (issue 35-36), the design of the journal was updated and its format was enlarged, yet the structure and the mission of the journal have not changed.


The journal brings out philological, culturological, historical, or interdisciplinary research, publications of sources, their translations into Lithuanian with critical commentaries, reviews and annotations of scholarly literature, and a chronicle of field-relevant events. Authors are invited to publish peculiarities and curiosa of research in the section Miscellanea.


The journal concentrates on the multi-genre and multilingual heritage of the early writing in Lithuania, primarily on the literatures of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and the Duchy of Prussia (the Kingdom of Prussia from 1701). The main emphasis is laid on the period of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania from the fourteenth century to 1795, while the broadest chronological boundaries stretch from the thirteenth to the nineteenth centuries.


Special thematic volumes are published to mark significant occasions and events.


Papers are published in the languages of the region’s scholars: Lithuanian, Belarusian, Polish, German, Russian, Ukrainian, as well as English.


The journal is indexed and listed in the international databases MLA International Bibliography and EBSCO Discovery Service.


Full content of the journal (from 2004 or issue 17) is available online:


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